Home Business Startup Ideas for Low Budget

If you’re on a low budget and don’t have a lot of startup funds to get a business off the ground, then consider the new trend of micro businesses that are popping up all around the world. Starting your own teeth whitening business can help you achieve your
financial goals and objectives. However, you need to consider the
following factors to be successful:

Target Audience

Unlike other industries whereby one has to look for clients,
this one is quite easy as there are many teeth whitening business opportunities
as evident from large number of people looking for ways of making their teeth white. clean and sparkling. Understanding your target audience and their specific
needs and preferences will help you come up with a credible and implementable
business plan. For example, you will be able to determine service packages that
best suit their financial capabilities.


Where will the business be located? To reach out to clients,
you need to choose a location that is easily accessible and safe. Thorough
background research can help you make an intelligent decision. Use the internet
to do this and if possible take the time to physically visit these areas just to get a clear
picture of what to expect and to avoid any nasty surprises. 

Build or Rent Premises

When starting a teeth whitening business, you can either start the service at your own premises, rent one of the existing rooms in your preferred
locations or even do home visitations. Now, the most plausible answer to this question largely depends on
the amount of money that you intend to spend. In most cases, building a new
facility is usually very expensive and arduous as you have to purchase a piece
of land and hire building contractors. However, it is more affordable in the
long run as you don’t have to worry about monthly rental fees. On the other
hand, renting premises can save you time and money that you can reinvest in the
business as it grows. Research shows that there are a large number of Sydney Teeth Whitening businesses popping up all around the area due to it’s population and demographic.

Legal Accreditation

As mentioned earlier, there are government and
non-governmental organisations whose main mandate is to ensure that all dental
facility abide to set safety and quality regulations. Only those who meet the
set threshold are issued with certification documents. Hence, it is important
to seek legal accreditation even before renting or building your own premises.
Be sure to adhere to all the set regulations to avoid wasting time and money on
this process. Networking with other dentists who have in past applied for the
same license can give you an insight on how you should prepare.

Hire Staff

As your business grows, you will need to hire employees that
are qualified and capable of delivering high quality teeth whitening services
to current and prospective clients. You can comfortably do this by contracting
hiring agency to seek and interview candidates or do it personally if you have
the time. Take time to compare and contrast their capabilities to avoid any
inconveniences down the road.

Finally, you need to invest in teeth whitening equipment to
help you consistently deliver high quality services to your clients. Some of
the aspects that you should look out for when looking for teeth whitening
equipments include.

Technological advancement

Advancement in technology has led to development of new
teeth whitening equipments that are more reliable and efficient. Despite the
fact that modern equipments are expensive, they will definitely grow your
business by safeguarding your reputation and credibility in the current highly competitive


It goes without saying that you should choose equipment that
is user-friendly; that is, it should be easy to operate and safe. Online
reviews can help you make the right decision.

Lastly, consider the cost of the equipment. Have it
installed by a professional and advise all your staff members to follow the
guidelines provided by the manufacture to get maximum benefits from it. As you
can see, starting teeth whitening business is not difficult if you take time to
plan well.

One final question to ask is, what does a teeth whitening dental procedure entail? This is basically a process of whitening teeth by removing flaws on the enamel using special dental equipment. To avoid complications, this service or procedure should only be carried out by qualified personnel who not only have academic qualifications but also the experience and legal accreditation from governmental regulatory bodies. Here’s a good example of one company that provides Brisbane teeth whitening products and services.

Using Online Video for SEO Purposes

Going viral or getting viral marketing started is every marketer and business person’s dream,
as it can exponentially increase a product or service’s revenue and success.
Unfortunately however, this seems to be a fortune that eludes many and favors
the chosen few. Through video SEO one can begin to change that. While there are
no formulas per se that can guarantee that a video marketing campaign will go
viral, with click through rates tipping the 750 per cent range, research shows
that Internet users are more likely (on a whole) to share a video that they
have seen. Therefore, creating a video that is properly geared toward your
target audience with a clear and sound message or storyboard is a great place
to start. 

Video is a Multifaceted Marketing Tool

Finally, animated whiteboard marketing videos provide not just an
online marketing tool, but one that can be used offline as well. In fact, these
videos can be used as a part of meeting and networking gatherings in lieu of
PowerPoint presentations. They are great conversational tools and can be
conveniently stored on mobile devices such as iPods, cellular phones and
tablets of all sorts – providing the option of spur of the moment use. When
used offline, your animated videos are akin to a digital business card,
generating almost as many leads.

Helpful Tips And Tricks For Creating Your Own Viral
Marketing Campaign

Be direct. Your video should be direct in its message and
straight to the point. There is no need to beat around the bush. Direct
messages work better.

Use symbolism. The parables of Jesus were effective because
they got a point across using stories and cultural symbols that the target
audience could relate to. In a similar manner, stories with relevant symbolism
tend to be among the most effective with this kind of marketing. A dull
product, service or message, can in this manner be brought to life in a new

Marry facts and fun. The most complex truths are more
palatable when a bit of humor is injected. As such, while you bring your
audience the facts and necessary information, add some fun and sentiment into
the picture. It will make a bigger impact on your audience and can result in
more conversions or purchases on their part.

Include a call to action. This may seem obvious, but be sure
to challenge your audience to take some form of action by the end of the video
presentation, whether it be signing up for the mailing list or purchasing the
new featured product. Either way, if there is no action for them to take at the
end of the presentation, then your efforts in creating the video in the first
place would have been wasted. 

Irrespective of the actual product or service you are
offering the public, if you are in any sort of business then you are
inadvertently in the business of sales and marketing. Therefore, any prospect
you have of boosting your success is this regard should be welcomed. In a
nutshell, video SEO will work wonders for your marketing efforts and help take
your products and services to the next level.

Among other names, it is called corporate video, explainer
video, animated web video, marketing video, cartoon for your company and
animation video.  Whatever it is called,
the popularity of video SEO is growing.

In the past, only those who could afford six-figure budgets
would have access to video scribing and other aspects of animation.  However, existing technology has made it
possible for individuals and institutions to create and distribute animation,
without the need for access to TV broadcast channels or a big studio.  Theoretically speaking, anyone can have a
whiteboard animation video that is designed, written and produced to satisfy
particular marketing needs. 

SEO Tips for Companies in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Organic SEO consists of high quality content posted about
your business on the Web. This can include anything from press releases about
new events, articles about new employees at your company, write ups about your
latest product or blogs about your company’s services. This form of SEO is most
likely to attract the attention of your consumer and drive traffic to your

When it comes to the return on your investment, SEO is
invaluable. A consumer who is reading a blog posting about your company online
may click to your site, make a purchase and share their finds with their
friends on the social networks. These friends, in turn, share the content with
their friends and so on. All of this additional marketing is completely free
for your company, and you can take advantage of the viral nature of interesting
and sharable content. Your SEO company can help you to achieve this easily. If you’re looking for an SEO company in or around Brisbane areas there are a few really good companies around. Check out the front page of Google for the search term SEO Brisbane. 

SEO Will Place You Where Your Customers are Searching 

The majority of people who make purchases online will do
some research first. Online shopping is now commonplace and most people will
make a purchase from an online retailer this year. When they are ready to
conduct that research and make that purchase, it is vital that your company is
there, poised to give them exactly what they need.

There are some businesses that don’t think they need SEO
services, and this is often a mistake. Even if you are operating an offline,
brick and mortar location, customers will still search online to find out
information about your company. They may want to find your store hours,
directions to your shop or your phone number. It is vital that you have an
online presence and rank high in search engine results to ensure that you will
always be found on the Web. 

SEO is Vital for Local Businesses

If your business is one that operates in your local area,
you will definitely need an SEO expert to make sure you get the traffic you
need. Some companies simply don’t need to market to everyone in the world, and
this is where local SEO really earns its chops. 
An SEO Brisbane company can create online content that is targeted for
customers who are local to Australia or your specific city.

The way local search works is simple. If a customer is
looking to buy a new dress, they may want to buy it locally so that they can
try it on and test it out before they make a purchase. Your SEO experts will
help your website rank for terms like, “women’s dresses in Perth,” or
“navy suit in Melbourne,” for example.

Local search serves two main purposes. First, it helps you
to achieve higher rankings. If you are trying to rank high for the search term,
“women’s dresses,” you will be competing with major retailers from
around the globe. Your website will likely not even appear in the first two
pages of results, even with diligent effort. If you attempt to rank high for
the term, “women’s dresses in Perth,” for example, your competition
is far less and you will have a high probability of showing up in the first few
search engine listings.

SEO Positions You as an Expert

When people research online and find your site at the top of
search engine results, they automatically find you a credible and trusted
resource. This is vital for capturing the most profits for your site, as people
will only buy from sites they trust. Offer in-depth information that will be of
value to your readers and they will be loyal to your company, boosting your

Check out this video about good SEO Services:

Safety Programs and Developing a Site Plan

Document Templates

Whether you're in warehousing, construction or manufacturing we've got you sorted

Safety Management Systems

Win tenders and larger contracts with a comprehensive safety management system

safe work method statement templates

Save time and resources with pre-filled ready made safety templates


The work health and safety of any organisation that employs contractors for any type of work – ranging from minor tasks to large project – is important as the onus is on the organisation to keep the contractors safe in the same way it would its direct employees. The main goal of the Health and Safety Act is to make sure that employees are provided with hazard-free environment. This work health and safety guideline can also be utilized to protect any person who might be a part of the environment of the workplace at any particular time, such as customers, employers, family members of staff and co-workers etc. The Act outlines the obligations and rights of all persons who are likely to be at a particular work site at any given time. It provides information on penalties and fines for the breach of the legislation relating to health and safety.

Having a safety management or risk management plan template for any organization is especially important for tasks and environments that are considered to be hazardous. Some of these hazards include cold or heat stress, conditions that are less than sanitary, exposure to chemicals that are considered as toxic and extreme noise levels. There are high levels of danger in hazardous work and this can result in long-term hospitalization, loss of body parts as well as death. The work environment that is generally considered as dangerous includes anywhere workers have to handle electricity, dive, work at heights or in cramped spaces and also complete manual tasks. The job of the business owner is to make sure no one is unprotected against risk to their safety and health in the workplace.

When designing any health and safety plan template, consideration must be given to the financial, legal and moral implications for any organization that do not take special care in protecting people from the negative effects of an accident occurring at the work site. With this in mind, several organizations are hiring safety consultants to ensure that employee illnesses and injuries are minimized or eliminated and to reduce the costs that are related to such incidents. Because of its importance, construction organizations also successfully utilize health and safety software that are developed by companies that use the guidelines of the OSHA to assist them in the creation of the software.

Another great tool is a Safe Work Method Statement which can also form part of a health and safety management plan is specifically designed to assist employers as well as safety and health groups, employees and others to develop safety program that will facilitate workplace safety and health. The safety management plan also assists relevant persons in preparing action plans to prevent diseases and accidents that might occur in the occupational environment and to carry out research to discover and use safety best practices. It is generally advised that persons who will be working in hazardous environment should be a part of the management planning for workplace health and safety. This serves to ensure that the person(s) in charge gather all the suggestions of potential dangerous situations and action plan if an accident should occur and document them as important reference.

There are certain types of information that can be found on a safety management plan template. These include sections to facilitate:

  • An outline of the range of the work health and safety plan
  • The Mission Statement and Policy of the organization
  • An explanation of the range of activities and tasks that the contract will cover and the term of the contract
  • An explanation of how hazards will be identified, risk assessed and controlled
  • A broad explanation of the method the organization will use to manage hazards
  • Detailed description of how the company will meet and retain the contractual and legal requirements as outlined in the contract for its duration
  • An outline of the safety and health objectives as well as targets for the period of the contract
  • Identifying the main persons who will be included in the safe work method statement template and an outline of their key responsibilities
  • An outline of the method the organization will use to determine whether or not training is required
  • An explanation of how the company will carry out consultation, communication and report on the requirements for work health and safety to stakeholders that are internal as well as external
  • Details on data documentation and control methods implemented
  • Details of procedures for the identification, assessment and control of hazards that are mentioned in the contract
  • Explanation of how the particular company will comply with the emergency preparedness management guidelines as outlined in the company contractor document
  • An outline of the inspection procedure and its intention to deal with any issue that might arise during the inspection process
  • An explanation of how fire suppression structures will be utilized and how electrical equipment will be managed on the project
  • A plan of action to ensure that visitors, subcontractors and employees adhere to the work health and safety requirements
  • An explanation of the organization’s records management system and its auditing process
  • Details on how the review process will be managed and how the information received from the review will be handled
  • Description of specific hazard requirements relating to lifting gear; working with cranes; using planks, ladders and scaffolding to work; dismantling, erecting and preparing form works; steel erection; electrical wiring; road work explosives; evacuation and trenching; fire precautions; tunneling; climatic conditions management; carrying out activities in close proximity to water courses; storing and handling chemicals etc
  • All relevant attachments that should be included in the safety management plan

In addition to safeguarding persons from the negative impact of accidents and illnesses that can occur in a hazardous work environment, organizations will save themselves from legal tangling and expensive pay-outs when they optimize the use of the health and safety management plan. This will result in a win-win situation where employees and employers will be equally protected when risks are minimized and management options are identified and implemented in cases of undue emergency. There is bound to be a higher level of confidence among employers and employees when it is known that the environment is safe and significant arrangements are made to deal with unforeseen incidents. Watch the video below for some more information on risk management planning.

Plumbing Templates

Construction Safety While on Site

Making sure that a construction company complies with all the related regulations is extremely important in Australia. Considered to be a high risk industry, construction needs to comply with policies. A safe work method statement template provides information about how to create an OHS management system, create occupational health and safety procedures, and create a company that protects the interest of workers and the public alike. The guidelines apply to all companies carrying out construction, excavation, demolition work in Australia, or handle hazardous manual tasks, deal with asbestos, or work in confined places. The below guide will provide information on how to create a fully compliant WHS management system, how to use risk management tools, and create an occupational health and safety manual.

What is an OHS Management System
An occupational health and safety management system is regulated by the Australian Government’s Department of Employment. It creates a benchmark for safe operation within the construction industry, and should be used as a standard by all companies. In order to be accredited as a construction contractor, companies need to provide a proof of an existing OHS system, and prove that they are able to deal with the hazards that occur in their field of work. While creating the documentation is extremely important, government agencies also carry out on-site audits of the OMS, therefore, making it simple to use and apply is also crucial.

Creating OHS Systems
The most important aspect of creating a compliant OHS management system is that it needs to be certified by the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4801:2001. Without this certification, the document will not be approved, and the company cannot b accredited. It needs to cover all the risks, hazards, and situations at work that can cause accidents, personal injury, or damage to the environment. Safety principles and internal policies need to be included in the documentation, as well as the clear identification of responsible work place safety officers. Finally, training and competency management reports should be provided for the agency.

The SMS System
Work health and safety management systems (SMS) or otherwise known as a WHS Management System needs to be in place to carry out any construction work in Australia. The SMS system is designed to apply policies that comply with work health and safety regulations related to the industry. It needs to be based on the recommendations and legal requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011. Safety management systems need to include emergency planning, recovery services allocation, First Aid planning, training, and intervention designs related to work accidents. It also has to provide safe practice policies to ensure that workers are able to minimize the risk of personal injury or accident.

Creating an Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Internal company policies are regularly checked and reviewed by government agencies, and their applicability, level of compliance are recorded in the audits. This is why it is important to either use up to date occupational health and safety policy templates from the government’s website or professional consulting firms’ database, or consult with a health and safety advisor specializing on the construction industry’s policy requirements. Accreditation is necessary for winning large construction projects and government tenders, therefore, the OHS management system’s policy will have an important role in getting the company accredited, reducing risks, and improving the company’s reputation in the industry. Without this policy, workers can be put into dangerous situations, work accidents can happen, and the company cannot prove that they did everything to prevent the injury.

Using an OHS Management System Template
Based on the occupational health and safety manual and policy, the company will also need to create a fully functional OHS management system. An OHS system is designed to put protocols in place for dealing with accidents, hazards, and determining the level of risk. It has several aspects, such as workers’ well-being policies, standards for training and work, accreditation, hazard awareness, and risk assessment. The OHS system should cover how the company is planning to deal with risks associated with construction, the use of dangerous materials, which protective equipment will be provided for workers, and who is responsible as a supervisor for workplace safety. As the design of an OHS system, detailing all the occupational health and safety procedures and safe work method statement documents can be rather complicated, it is recommended that companies use an OHS management system template to ensure that they cover all required areas.

The Benefit of Using OHS Systems
Companies can not only obtain government accreditation by using WHS and OHS systems, but they would be able to secure more work. By having the legally recommended and required documents in place, and plans to manage health and safety risks at the workplace, companies can prove that they are responsible employers, caring for their employees’ health and well-being. This, in turn, will increase employee satisfaction, the company’s reputation on the marketplace, and finally revenues. The policies created based on the SMS system and the OHS management system will protect the company from liability court cases, provided that the policies are enforced by the management. Having a WHS management system is beneficial for workers, managers, and the company alike.

Companies should make the most out of the strict regulation of the construction industry in Australia, and ensure that they have all the policies and compliance documents in place to get accredited. Accreditation has several benefits for the firm: it helps them achieve higher standards, get more work, and protect workers. However, legislation of companies is rather complicated, and the policies should be based on the company’s profile. Activities that are regularly carried out by the firm should be covered in detail by the occupational health and safety manual. A company that employs people working in noisy environment most of the time, for example, should provide extensive training for workers about preventing hearing loss, and make wearing protective equipment compulsory. This is why many managers decide to seek help from professional health and safety advisors when creating their personalized OHS system. This does not only guarantee full compliance, but also makes policies easier to apply within the company.

Win tenders and larger contracts with a comprehensive safety management system

Understanding How to Use a Safe Work Method Statement Template

A safe work method statement template (or SWMS) is paperwork that explains how activities or tasks in the workplace should be performed. This document details the associated dangers with these tasks, and includes thorough guidelines on how to adhere to correct occupational health and safety procedures. Also, a work method statement should outline the controls that have been adopted to keep everyone safe, who is involved in the activity or task.

In all likelihood, you will be aware that safe work method statements are being used by modern businesses of every size, and in every sector. Companies have embraced this protocol, so that they can meet their legal requirements for health and safety standards. These requirements demand that employers make appropriate and reasonable inquiries, regarding the ability of any company they hire to perform work.

“Often, a health and safety template is required during a tender process. These templates enable companies to better understand your organization, and how it is run. They enable your business to showcase how it can deliver services and products safely, and to a high standard. This is why work method statements are like an advertising tool for your business. Suffice to say, you need to have professional looking paperwork to gain the upper hand over your competitors”

Also, a SWMS is required to ensure construction site safety, on high risk jobs in this sector. General SWMS documents can be prepared for use with workplace tasks that are performed regularly. The content of these types of documents might be developed over several years. Nonetheless, when this document is used for sites that have several dangers, it has to address the particular risks and dangers for that site. As a result, it is unlikely that a general SWMS document will fulfill modern requirements. Usually, this paperwork has to be assessed to take into account the specific risks and dangers on a given site, and then adjusted appropriately.

Staff, health and safety representatives and contractors all have to be involved in preparing an SWMS (as far as this is reasonably practical). Some people find that writing these documents is a daunting prospect. However, once you are familiar with the information and format required, you will be able to produce them with no worries.

Firstly, you should perform a risk analysis, to identify the substantial dangers and controls necessary to stop health damage or injuries, while the work is being carried out. The information you gather here will be incorporated into your SWMS document. It is possible to purchase blank method statement templates, and a range of sample statements, for an affordable price. Many employers find this to be helpful, when they are starting out.

The header details are the first part of the SWMS document. This is meant to offer important data to your potential customers or employees. This part may include the title (for example, “Standard Operating Processes” or “Safe Work Method Statement”), the details of your business (such as your address, name and logo), a short summary of the tasks, work or procedures involved, the address of the site (including contact information, with emergency telephone numbers), the project start and end dates, the author of the document, and the document issue date, reference number and revision dates/numbers etc.

The next part of the document should summarize the primary dangers that exist, as well as the controls that ought to be adopted. This document section should outline the kinds of dangerous construction tasks being carried out. Also, it should detail which health and safety issues are related to the work to being done, and explain how these issues will be tackled. It should cover the implementation of the risk reduction measures, and take into account variables that might influence the manner in which the dangerous tasks are performed. All of this information should be presented in a readable, user friendly way.

The third part of the document is meant to explain the work in greater detail. To do this, appropriate general information should be provided. This includes data about employees, personal protective equipment and training, equipment shutdown processes, work permits, the handling of materials, access to the site, scaffolding and first aid. Contractors sometimes also purchase and use a SWMS Template however they need to make sure it is customised specifically to site requirements before use.

The fourth section should be a structured, in depth guide. It should cover the necessary steps to ensure that the work is performed safely. Remember to mention all the appropriate information, in the correct order, so that tasks will be completed as expected.

The business owner/manager/employer (otherwise known as the PCBU) is responsible for ensuring that the dangerous construction tasks are performed in line with SWMS recommendations. When dangerous construction tasks are being completed during construction projects, PCBUs should be aware of all relevant issues outlined in the Work Health & Safety (WHS) management strategy. A Safe Work Method Statement Template document should be customised to site specifics and then should be presented to the main contractor. PCBUs are responsible for ensuring that this document is assessed and amended, if certain control procedures are changed ̵ as per clause thirty-eight of the 2011 WHS regulations. Until the work is finished, PCBUs are supposed to have a SWMS document in their possession. In the event that a notable incident occurs, while the work is going on, this document should be stored for a minimum of twenty-four months, following the date of the incident.

SWMS documents should be re evaluated (and changed if required) if the dangerous construction work alters at all which could compromise construction site safety. This would apply if, for example, a powered mobile plant in use was substituted. Also, it would apply if stronger explosives were used for blasting work. Moreover, these documents would need to be changed, if there was any suggestion that measures to reduce risks were insufficient. One example of this would be if an incident occurred, where someone narrowly escaped injury.

Safe Work Method Statements are similar to JSAs (Job Safety Analysis) documents. These latter named documents were often used during Victorian times. Business owners are permitted to carry on using current JSA formats, as long as they include all the data that is featured on an SWMS document.